A podcast hosted by a writer squished under many papers with words on them, about how to add more pages to the pile.
Episode 8: Rewrite or Wrong
How can you make a total rewrite worth it for you? I answered a couple of listener questions.
Episode 7: Exciting Dull Stuff
In which a Hitchcock quote helps me realize how happy I am to write about boring things.
Episode 6: Overbooked
Overbooked for good!
Episode 5: Giving Tree Hobbies
How barre chords help me write books.
Episode 4: A Book in a Bush
The sleepiest journal entry yet.
Episode 3: Augmented-Reality Check
 "Why not me?"
Episode 2: Unconventional Wisdom
Learn the rules so you can make them your own.
Episode 1: Love Notes to a Turbulent Author
Nine writing reminders I need daily.
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